Saturday, January 07, 2006

notes from a saturday night in://:

lindstrom & prins thomas eponymous. lush..
blurt : 80s. dirty groove: grit in the sax
pixies: surfer rosa nuff said
mercury rev - yerself is steam, from '91. still haven't decided about these. i like the fact one of their albums is called BOCES, reminder of work trip to New York State last year, US version of special school. 'retarded' etc...

cinema werd-up://:

Brokeback Mountain: Beautiful, tragic, occasionally electrifying cowboy film; forbidden love erupts on a lonely mountain, a world away from the rodeo, ranching and roughnecks, and later the oppressive conventions of small town life. Another mesmerising meditation on the failings of the not-so-all american dream, and on a par with Paris, Texas for breathtaking big screen big country; I dreamt about sex and mountains.

speaking of southern state bigotry: check this

day trip to Llangollen ://:


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