Monday, January 23, 2006

RIP Bryan Glancy

Spent Saturday afternoon buzzing about the possibility of going to SWSW in March only to find myself come crashing down to earth by the tragic news that local musician and kind of old friend Bryan Glancy died suddenly, and unexpectedly, over the weekend. As I gathered with other friends in the Temple everyone was either too upset or too shocked to do anything but drink and cry in disbelief. Although I didn't know him that well I knew of the loyal, legendary love felt by his close friends and my heart goes out to them and Bryan's family.

Bryan Glancy, I remember you when you were going through a weird born again Christian phase, when we worked a few hilarious nights in the Temple together. For some reason we never had the lights on, we just filled the room with hundreds of candles from the pound shop. I remember when I was stunned to see you picketing outside a Marilyn Manson concert at the MEN Arena, offering salvation and redemption to the audience and band. I remember before that when you used to DJ at Gecko, when you seemed unspeakably cool, but always smiled kindly when I would pass by. You moved out of your Christian phase and back to normal I think, but we didn't really say anything else except for 'Hi'.

I remember your songs and your performances, and still feel sick to think you are no longer alive.


Blogger The Little Bird said...

Yo Bothered

We have set up a blog to Bryan's memory at

your recollection of the Manson picket was so spot-on. It made me smile because nobody could believe it at time and it just another memory that makes Bryan so unique and special. Can we stick on the blog? email us at to let us know if we can post/nick it

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